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Why Should Your Cannabis Business Leverage Managed Services?

Cannabis industry feedback shows the reason our clients choose managed services are diverse! Business owners are looking for a wide range of benefits when they opt for a managed services model, and what they want is:

  • To improve the efficiency and dependability of their IT operations
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • A proactive approach to maintenance
  • Cost effectiveness and a good return on investment
  • Have greater access to new technologies
  • Lacks in-house IT capabilities for certain functions
  • Shifting capital expenses to operating expenses
  • Predictable pricing and manageable costs

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1. More Efficient and Reliable IT Operations

This is one of the main reasons that companies decide to leverage managed services. Often, the businesses Cannakins partners with as a managed service provider are suffering from overburdened IT staff. They may also lack employees who have the knowledge and skills to successfully handle the entire technology footprint on their own.

In these situations, it is hard to deny the value of working with an outside IT service provider. Many cannabis businesses using managed services describe their partnership with their provider as a collaborative arrangement. The driving force for these business owners is to improve and enhance the capabilities of their technology solutions. Outsourcing IT not only ensures an extra team of IT experts to help resolve any issues or concerns but to be able to benefit from having access to the latest and greatest technology and innovative business grade solutions that will assist in maximizing uptime and profitability. These technologies include such things as:

  • Remote monitoring and management (RMM)
  • Backup and disaster recovery (BDR)
  • Cloud computing
  • Fleet management
  • Cannabis menu integration
  • Cannabis delivery services

By investing in these tools, the entire IT infrastructure becomes more reliable and dependable, labor constraints are overcome, and internal IT departments can keep in control of the situation.

2. Enhanced Security and Compliance

There many variations of technology that store and transmit data including tablets, operating systems, servers, smartphones, laptops and more. Because data is stored and transmitted on these devices it means their security is critical. Many business owners live in fear that they will fall victim to a security breach. As a managed service provider, it is our job to make a business owner aware of the risks, sharing examples that have been highlighted in the media and explaining how their data and compliance practices are compromised when such an event arises.

It is also crucial we address the business owners concerns about compliance, especially in industries such as cannabis, where compliance is a major focus. For these people it is important they work with a provider that is compliant and in addition, can implement other ways to supplement additional managed security protocol, policies, and procedures.

3. A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

This is a major and important benefit to managed IT services. By working with an MSP, cannabis business owners are afforded the luxury of all-day, 24/7 coverage in a fully managed agreement. Owners are happy to partner for such a service, as CEOs and others have no time to be verifying that backups are done properly.

4. Cost Effectiveness and Return on Investment

The cost savings associated with managed services is considerable, making it another reason that using MSP’s is desirable. This fact has an incredible amount of business value, but many business owners are unaware of just how significant this is. It is our job as a managed service provider to explain to our clients how MSPs help control outgoing expenses and increase ROI. An IT budget consists of many items, including:

  • hardware costs
  • software and network infrastructure
  • maintenance costs
  • IT labor

The managed service model allows clients to easily predict their IT expenses on a monthly basis and can better plan and budget for larger IT projects and improvements. All these factors should be reviewed in a quarterly business review. Cannakins can show our clients the value of our services during these reviews, and how we play an instrumental role in what they do.

5. Free Up Internal IT Staff to Work on Strategic Projects

When businesses choose a managed service provider a major advantage, they often don’t think of with an outside service provider, is that any internal IT staff is free to focus their energy and talents on projects and tasks they are better suited to handle.

This increases productivity and allows strategic planning to get the time and attention it deserves.

This maximizes the business’s IT budget and the business can get the most out of their investment.

It doesn’t make much sense to have your internal IT team handling things they have little expertise or experience with. Things like migrating over to Microsoft Office 365 when it can be expertly handled by an MSP instead, and the technician can commit their time to something they excel at. Managed services enable in-house staff to spend their working hours on what they are best at, with the MSP filling in the gaps and taking the pressure off, providing specialized services where they are needed most.

As a managed service provider, Cannakins is aware of the benefits and advantages of the services we offer, but it is our job to help our clients see them as well. By better understanding what it is they are looking for and how their businesses can be best supported we are able to tailor our offerings and approach to better meet those needs. Please see our service catalogue for all your needs.