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Technology and Cyber Security

Business Internet and Telephone Services

  • Did you know business Internet and telephone are not the same as home services? There are many more options for speed, bandwidth, connection type, shared services, equipment, and more
  • Once you have established services at your location, it will be important to make sure you have a firewall, router, and wireless with appropriate capabilities for a business along with computer, phone, and tech options.

Cannabis Specific Technology Solutions

  • Cannabis point-of-sale (POS) systems are crucial to the industry. Not only will the right POS system integrate with track and trace systems, but it can also provide valuable business intelligence. Cannakins can help integrate your POS with industry established leaders so you can view, sort, and slice your business analytics to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Our partners will help make sense of the data for you as well, let our technology do the work!
  • Adding value to your business is what Cannakins is all about. We can also provide your business with retail networks adding real-time customer data as patrons visit your location side-by-side with product sales data. Be able to see guest activity and shopper profiles. See detailed reports on mobile devices, web traffic, and popular smartphone applications, such as price comparison apps! Track users' locations in retail environments. Use shopper sign-on events to trigger loyalty rewards, send promotional messages, and even alert staff to VIP customer presence.

It’s Not All About Retail!

  • Before cannabis makes it to a retail or other outlet, it must be grown of course! Agriculture technology brings several benefits and competitive advantages to be utilized in the grow space. Cannakins can assist with rural internet services and physical security systems to protect your grow. We have experience in rural wireless options that can solve many hassles of being “off the grid” or being too remote for traditional service methods.

Additional Technology Services

  • Technology is great and all but what happens after choosing your initial solutions? Well, things like security patching for all devices including firewall, router, wireless, office computers, cannabis software, and business software must happen. Device monitoring to make sure all essential equipment is up and running becomes a major focus. This is the IT operations phase where tuning and tweaking along with continued security diligence is addressed. Don’t worry, Cannakins and our partners won’t disappear after you get up and running. We want to facilitate your business growth and security for the long term. Connect with us today and protect your vision into the future!
  • Network and security scanning provides valuable insight. Cannakins leverages state-of-the-art scanning tools to produce actionable reports your business can use immediately. Start improving the security posture of your business in less than a week! Check out our blog on the importance of cybersecurity to all business owners. Contact us today and learn more about scanning and remediation services for your business.